Presentación del libro Epistemological and Theoretical Foundations in Language Policy and Planning

Tema: Book presentation: Epistemological and Theoretical Foundations in Language Policy and Planning


Dr. Carla Amorós Negre, from the University of Salamanca, plays a pivotal role as the presenter for the recently released book titled “Epistemological and Theoretical Foundations in Language Policy and Planning,” authored by Michele Gazzola, Federico Gobbo, David Cassels Johnson, and Jorge Antonio Leoni de León.

This book:
• Re-establishes vital conceptual and methodological connections between policy analysis and Language Policy and Planning (LPP).
• Emphasizes contentious, formative, and groundbreaking contributions.
• Contemplates the future of agency and structure, the interplay between macro and micro aspects, and the positioning of researchers.

A significant portion of this book stems from the research project 745-C0713, conducted at the Institute of Linguistic Research (INIL) at the University of Costa Rica, underscoring its academic significance.

During the book presentation, Dr. Carla Amorós Negre takes the lead, delivering an engaging talk that typically spans around thirty to forty minutes, although she may extend it if desired. This presentation serves as an insightful introduction to the book’s key concepts, themes, and contributions.

Furthermore, the authors of the book will be in attendance, providing an opportunity for the audience to engage directly with them. Following Dr. Amorós Negre’s presentation, there will be a Q&A session where the authors will be available to answer any questions posed by the audience. This interactive element allows for a deeper exploration of the book’s content and provides a platform for a meaningful exchange of ideas between the authors and the audience.


Información del evento:  

La presentación será por medio de la plataforma Zoom.


Fecha: 2 de octubre de 2023

Hora: 10:00 a.m.



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